Filter Wheel Time Out Issue Freezes SGP


If I happen to try and connect SGP to a FW that isn’t connected to the computer yet, it takes SGP a fairly long time before it spits out an error message such as “error connecting to starlite xpress filter wheel

Is there anyway to have it immediately spit a message out and not have to wait a half minute before you can do anything else - SGP freezes when I accidentally try and connect the FW when I haven’t connected it to the computer yet.

Probably not, at least in SGP.

SGP sends a connect command to the filterwheel and expects to get some sort of response - either a successful connection or a failure. The driver has to take the time it takes to do this. Usually if a device isn’t plugged in or not turned on the driver will know this instantly because it gets an error when it tries t establish communication.

You need to contact the filterwheel driver to see if there’s something they can do.

Hi Chris,


Post sent to SX for a driver update request.