Fine slew after plate solving

I’m sorry for my English (I’m from Spain).
First of all, I do not know if it is through the fault of my mount (Bresser Exos2 Goto, clone of a LXD75) or not. But just in case, I raise my doubt.
When SQG does a plate solving and the image is far away than 50 pixels of the target, the mount does a slew of several grades and try it again, should be It hope now it is inside the error parameters. My question is: it would be possible that if SGP is capable of detecting exactly where it is pointing at the telescope (using the platesolving), knowing the resolution of the image and indicating the worm period of the mount that should do just a fine slew to “nail” the target? Pardon if what I say is a foolery of a mere amateur.
Thanks in advance…

You can set the error down from 50 pixels but if you do this you may need to increase the attempts depending on what your mount is capable of.

Yes, we could do a nudge to the target but really that isn’t guaranteed to get you there any faster. Probably slower to be honest. Your mount should know your backlash vectors and be able to accurately slew while accounting for backlash. We wouldn’t have any idea about backlash so if we were to nudge we could be jumping around quite a bit.

Really your mount should have the best chance of getting you where you want to be pointed!