Fireworks (NGC6946) photobomed by Engine

Just for light relief while we wait for the clouds to clear. I lose a lot of subs to aircraft trails living only 25 miles from London Heathrow airport. However, I thought I’d share this one. I was imaging the Fireworks Galaxy and this single 5 minute Lum image got well and truly bombed. The aircraft is at 30,000 feet (10,000 metres, if I’ve done the math right) and the anti-collision strobe has blinked while in-frame illuminating the port engine nacelle.

"Dropbox - Fireworks_Engine_115_694_300s_1x1_L.jpg - Simplify your life

I live right under the flight path. This is one of them. It was taken with C-8 at 2000mm focal length with SXVR-M25C OSC camera.