First attempt at Parking using SGP


I’ve been using SGP to capture images for a couple of years now and i really like it

I’ve never had need of the telescope control features of SGP because it was always just on a tripod in my garden for the night. Until now…

I’ve just installed my scope on it’s pier in my roll off roof observatory and am looking into the Park feature of SGP.

My mount is a Celestron Advanced VX and in it’s HC menu there is a Home Position option. I set this and tested it with the HC – all good.

When I came to test the SGP Park feature (after the mount had been tracking after some observing), I clicked Park, and SGP sent my mount a really weird way around, nearly crashing into the pier. Had to kill the power to stop it moving.

My question is this: does SGP read the park position from the mount? Or do I need to set the park position in SGP as well? Is the Park Position the same as the Home Position?

Thanks for any help


Hi Joe, next to the Park button is a Set Park button. As far as I can tell, SGP doesn’t read the Celestron HC park position and will go to the one you set. Once set, it works really well.

There is another alternative - I have my Paramount automatically parked at end of sequence or in case of rain. This uses the ASCOM park command. I previously had to set up the park position in TheSkyX first, but having done that, it remembers it. I don’t know if your ROR is linked to a DOME ASCOM driver but if it is, you can park and close using the slave options.

Park positions and home positions are not implemented the same between models. In my case the home position is aligned to sensors in the mount but many others have it with counterweights pointing down and DEC=90. You need to check your particular mount controls (handset of PC software) to set up park positions. I park mine so it has lowest profile for the roof to close safely. Not all mounts implement the ASCOM home and park commands. Park should slew the mount to a position and stop tracking. In my case, if I home my mount through ASCOM, it does not stop tracking, once homed.
It can be confusing but you only have to deal with one mount, so it will need some familiarity with what it can do before you can use it with confidence in this regard.

The Celestron driver help file describes how Park works, it varies depending on the mount and hand control version. it also describes what information is needed to get help.