FITS conversion

I recently upgraded to the latest version of SGP. In doing so, I didn’t notice the my default image format was reset to FITS only. I shoot DLSR and always work with the CR2 RAW files. My darks, flats and bias frames are in CR2 format and of course, Deep Sky Stacker will not stack files that are of different formats. I only discovered this fact after collecting about 5-hours worth of subs. I tried to convert the dark, flat and bias frames to FITS using the batch convert utility in Pixinsight, and DSS stacked them just fine, but the resulting image was terrible. Something very weird is going on with the flats, since the vignetting that is supposed to be corrected by them is in fact more pronounced and multi-colored. I suspect that the dark and bias corrections are similarly screwy though just not as obvious. A stack of the lights alone looks fine. The only thing I can think of is that the dcraw conversion parameters used by PI are different than those used by SGP. I believe that I could make all of this work if I could use the same conversion process for the darks, flats and bias frames as SGP does. So, does anyone know what switch string SGP uses for its dcraw call?



Hi Tim,

Sure. This is it here:

"-D -T -4 -W -v -t 0 outputPath"