FITS debayer conversion to TIFF freeware?

As the most enlightened community, does anyone know of a free conversion utility for OSX to take a single mono 16-bit fits file (3 channels) and debayer it so it can be saved as a RGB TIFF?

AFAIK, ImageJ, GIMP, FitsLiberator and SIRIL do not do this.

I know I can do this in DSS - but that is Win only.

@buzz I believe Fitswork can do this (Demosaic function):


Thanks for that - this appears to be Windows software. (BTW, it still uses DCRAW which is no longer supported.)
I just realized that DSS will also do this function by importing a file . Iā€™m trying to help newbies using color CMOS to transition from a stacking program with a FITS output to an editor that requires TIFF for both platforms.

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Oops - missed the OSX part :=)