Fits Image Grader - Nikon DSLR

Does Fits Grader work with a Nikon DSLR? I just get red X’s beside each sub when I add them.


The image grader has nothing to do with Nikon. A few notes that may lend
insight to the issue you’re seeing:

  • The image grader only works on unsigned 16-bit, single plane FITS
    images (the kind that SGPro produces). You can have SGPro produce these
    type of FITS images with DSLRs
  • The image grader does not work with any type of RAW format (either
    Canon or Nikon)
  • The image grader will not work on debayered FITS images if they use
    the 3 plane storage method, if your debayered FITS files still use the
    single plane method, the image grader will just grade the blue channel.
  • The image grader will not work if you have opened the image and
    resaved it with a different bit depth (i.e. 32 bit).