Flame to M42 - IDAS NB-1 Triband

This is a 4 panel mosaic through my newly acquired RASA 8, ASI294MC-Pro OSC, IDAS NB-1 triband filter on an iOptron CEM60 standard.
Processed in APP and PI (APP stacking and mosaic assembly, PI for colour work).

Each panel comprised 5 subs of each: 60s, 180s and 240s with 5 x 30s in the M42 panel to try and hold the core area.
Camera gain set to 122 and offset to 30.


The Filter “IDAS NB-1 triband” seems to be doing good job… very nice Image and processing


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That is amazing.

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Thanks Ken / Martin,
It was a joy to be able to get all the subs shoot in one session. The f2 RASA certainly gathers in the photons. It took me longer to process.

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