Flat box and separate cover

I have ordered the Artesky flat box but my cover is a separate device. In SGP I can only select one driver for both functions.
I played with the switches but right now there is only one “end of sequence event” that in my case cuts power. Of course without power I cannot close the cover.
What can I do?

I also noticed that the switch devices do not connect when I connect all equipment. At least the icon for the ASCOM switch simulator in the Control Panel stays red.


I have been meaning to add a “Close shutter on sequence end” option to the flatbox where the shutter would just close with no illumination. There are probably current workarounds like keeping a target with a single flat frame last and using the option to always capture calibration frames (even if the sequence fails). I think that the new options would solve your issue though… unless I misunderstand what you are saying.

Right now, the switches dont participate in connect all gear. I think they will, but we have to be careful about it since SGPro can’t just connect to all available switches. Just need to write a bit of code where SGPro will only connect to switches used by the sequence I think.

Also, just within the switch states themselves, it would likely be useful to be able to specify order of execution, or at least specify which switch state is set last. That is tangential to the problem you are describing, but still helpful I think.

Hello Ken,
what I meant is that quite often the flat box and the cover are different equipment with separate drivers. I think it would be better to define separate equipment items that allow to select different drivers for these 2 functions.

Regarding the switches. You probably need to add a check box to select which switch device should be connected when all the other equipment is connected.

If I understand you right, for now there is no solution regarding flat box and cover being separate devices?


There isn’t, but this would work if you were able to define which switch was toggled last right?

Not really. I would also need to specify a delay for the power off. I will write my own switch driver to get the right sequence.