Flat light box and cover request

I have the Alnitak XL light box and the Alnitak flip cover. These function are on separate USB devices. It would be nice I could use both devices. The flip flats only goes to 13" so there are bound to be other users with a separate cover and a light box function eventually.

From another thread.

Probably best to create another request so it doesn’t get lost here. I don’t REALLY want to create “yet another device type” in SGP. Maybe we’ll create some sort of special combo device to handle this.


Thanks Max. We’ll evaluate this for 2.6 once the dust from 2.5 has settled.


Congratulations on 2.6. Keep up the good work. I


Btw, I tested the Alnitak cover ( called Alnitak Flip Mask ). It connects as an Alnitak light box via usb.
Unfortunately, it does not function at all. That is it won’t open or close from the control panel.

I have to use the Alnitak software which also controls my Alnitak XL flat box.