Flats Calibration Wizard does not use the Gain Settings in the Sequence

It appears that the Flats Calibration Wizard ignores the setting of Gain and Offset as applied per event. The wizard uses the default setting. So, for example - I have created a 4 filter flat run (RGB and Ha). The RGB have gain set to 139, the Ha gain is set to 300. I am using the ZWO driver so my ASI1600 can use the per event gain settings. However, when the flats run the exposure for the Ha is way too long since the wizard thinks the gain is 139 on the Ha filter when it is not.


Hm, yes, this is correct. I’ll have to think about how to better implement that. The main issue is that there could be multiple gains for the same filter in the same sequence and even the same target.


I too have noticed this behaviour. I instead use frame and focus and manually change through the filters and manually adjust the camera gain in the sequence “wrench” to match that of the respective events and then I can find the right ADU to enter in the flat events.

Hi Jared, hope this finds you well.

Just a thought, but say just like one can apply an equipment profile to a sequence, perhaps if one could apply a target within a sequence (which contains events with predetermined gains & offsets for each filter) to the flats calibration wizard process before it’s ran, would help set the right gains & offsets for each filter?


Funny, I was just asking if the gain settings can be setup per filter in the profile manager and I came across this post. So, another thumbs up here for having them in the profile manager.