Flats Calibration Wizard Light adjustment

I use and Alnitak Flip_Flat, but this would apply to any ASCOM flat generator.

Currently I have to work out the rough brightness for my panel to be at to get a flat integration which I want, of around 2-3 seconds(ish), which can take a little time. Once I have this brightness level I have to put it in to my filter flats table so that this level is used when running the wizard.

It would be good if SGPro could adjust the brightness of the panel as well as the length of exposure to achieve a ‘target time’ for each filter?

As an example, I set my required ADU level (25000) and required target time range (2-4 seconds) and then SGPro adjusts both the time and lighting level to achieve both?

Naturally it isn’t exactly a chore to do the groundwork initially, but this would be a more up to date approach to the wizard, meaning it is fully automated for those of us using ASCOM panels.

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I would just go with the 25000 ADU level and not worry about the seconds. Wizard will figure out exposure time for you.