Flats frame Management part 2

From @gorgi

The ability to run all flat frame events in a sequence even if prior events failed to complete. This will be useful if the scope has a flatpanel. ex, In a sequence with two events, first being lights, second being flats. If the first event fails due to clouds or light, then the telescope can park, and still run the flat events using a flat panel.

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I like this too. These are ‘admin’ events and it’d be nice to know that something got done that night :D.

Implemented in

If your sequence fails for any reason, the sequence will essentially start over and capture all calibration frames. Keep in mind that all sequencing rules (start time, end time, etc…) still apply. All end of sequence options with the exception of camera warm up will happen after sequence failure, but before calibration frame capture. This means you can depend on the mount to park (and potentially point to your flat field light source. When calibration frame capture ends, the camera will warm up (assuming you have that option checked).

Right now, you can set this option to be checked for new sequences (like recovery mode), but it is not part of equipment profiles.

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