Flats Window only shows 1x1 binning


I want to set up my flats but when I do the following:

a) Open Equipment profile Manager and select a profile
b) Open the Filters Tab
c) Press Set Filter to open the Filter Setup window
d) Press the Flats button for my Lum filter to open the Flats window

The window opens and only shows 1x1 binning. I would like to set up flats for other binning levels but I can’t enter other levels in the boxes.
I guess I need to change some setting somewhere so that the Flats window shows more than one binning level but I am stumped!

Regards, Hugh

What camera are you using?


Hi Jared,

My camera is a ZWO ASI1600MM Pro. I’m not sure which driver I’m using but it’s the one that lets me set the gain and offset but doesn’t populate the file naming pattern.

Regards, Hugh

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