FLI Atlas auto focus help

Hello everyone,
I have recently get into AF with SGP, but I haven’t managed to succeed yet.
I used a "B"mask first to get focus as close as possible, but I’m always getting a slightly curved line instead of a “V” curve, and finally a failure massage. I’m using the Lum filter of 8 sec exp. 9 points, and I haven’t mess with backlash yet.
I have used several step sizes to experiment with from what I can recall, from 20, 200, 500… without any success. I’m using Atlas focuser, most of the times my STL11k, and I’m working at f/8.7 3500m focal length.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Try a much larger step size. Like 1000 or 2000. The Atlas has a lot of steps.

It may be a bit of a slog, but we’ve extracted a lot of the common confusion out of auto focus support requests and we’ve created this doc to help: