Flip Flat advice

I am having trouble setting up my Flip Flat. For example when I have a bias or dark frame in my sequence, SGP opens my flip flap. I would expect SGP it would close it before a bias or dark frame.

SGP properly closes my flip flat for “flat” frames, but doesn’t turn the light on.

I am sure this is user error, but there isn’t much documentation. Any advice is appreciated.

You’re not doing anything wrong. SGP currently only closes the FlipFlat for Flat frames.

Moving this to the 2.4.X feature requests.


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Have you used the Flats Calibration Wizard in the tools menu? I also had trouble getting the FlipFlat light as I wanted it until I used the wizard - now it works fine - light comes on at the correct intensity as set when I worked through the ‘wizard’.

Thank you for the advice. I am having some trouble getting through the Flats Calibration Wizard because of a separate issue (and post) with my DSLR camera. Nothing $4k for a CCD camera and filters won’t fix :neutral_face: . Manual reference frames for me at the moment.

All that said, I have plate solving/centering, auto focusing, guiding, light frame capturing, and end of session sequences working.