Flip flat and the Flats Calibration Wizard

Flip flat is connected in SGP and I tried to run the Flats calibration wizard. At the start of every image, it would set the brightness to 0. Is this a bug? Also, why do I have to redo all my calibration or none of it? Or, as long as I’ve saved values in the past, do I only update what is selected?

The brightness is setup in the Filter Setup tab for each filter. Is this value non-zero?


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You’re awesome. I knew it was something stupid I was doing!! I tried referencing the help file… Could you put a link to that screenshot or that section of the help file from the Alnitak flat box section?

Thanks again!


New question: why can’t I adjust the brightness via the flats calibration wizard so I could experiment with it during the wizard?

The idea is that the wizard is supposed to be automatic. If you want to experiment it’s generally best to do so prior to running the wizard.

At some point we may change it such that both brightness and exposure are automatically adjusted.


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Hey Jared,

I wish I’d taken your advice on one of this type of device a long time ago. While sky flats are cheaper; my images are significantly improved. One more lesson learned in AP.