Flip Flat open solve delay

It appears that SGP does not have a timer for opening a Flip Flat prior to solving at the start of a run am i missing something?

To solve this (in theory not had chance to try it yet) I assigned my plate solve to filter slot 8 to force a filter change as I never use this slot, (its empty) and added a 10 second filter settle delay, this allows time for the Flip Flat to open fully.

I can’t recall what order things happen in but if the flip flat opens first then this should work. You could also put in a 10 second flat right before your other flats which would also work.

I’ll adjust the code for the flip flat itself to block on shutter opening/closing if possible, if not I’ll just add a static delay of say 10 seconds. I’ll likely need one of you to check this for me as I don’t have a flip flat to test with (I would love one but it won’t fit in my VERY tight dome :frowning: ). I’ll try to get a test build out in a couple of days or get this into the next RC/Beta.


Ill be more than willing to test it for you :slight_smile:

Thinking about it it might be worth been able to input custom Delay operation into anything, rather than just looking at the flip flat?

Edit (delay not pause)

I think this may be down to a timing issue. I believe I’ve resolved it. Should be out in the next RC which will be coming shortly.


Due to ongoing technically issues wich i have only recently got resolved I have yet to lok into this specifically, I will be over the next few clear nights at last.

it worked. :smiley: