Focus Control Reports the MAX position as CURRENT position

When I connect to the Moonlite DRO ASCOM software to set the Port and focuser position I am entering 10,000 as the maximum steps my focuser can take.

I’m setting the focuser current position to zero.

Once set, and saved, I connect to the focuser, and the Focus Control docking module reports that the focuser is currently in position 10,000.

If I attempt to move the focuser out, it does not move at all. The SGP believes that the focuser is already at the maximum out position.

I can move the focuser IN, however, but, my focuser is physically all of the way in, so it doesn’t actually move.

Aprox time of issue: When connecting to the focuser in the Sequencing Window

Link to Logs

Useful Info

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
.NET: 4.8

ASCOM settings prior to connecting to focuser.

Focus Control docking module after saving the ASCOM driver settings and connecting to camera.
Note, Current Position is not zero. it is 10,000 which was saved as the Max Value.

I think its doing exactly as you’ve told it to…

If I understand you correctly, the total travel of your focuser is 10000 steps in to from one end to the other, and your starting your system with the focuser racked fully in, if so that position will either be 0 or 10000 depending depending on the ‘polarity’ of you travel. So that on initial movement the motor will either rack up from zero are down from 10000…

Where you are showing 10000 as the steps for coarse & fine movement, will attempt to fully move the motor from one end of travel to the other, so going through the focus point…

Personally, for fine & coarse movement I set mine to 15 and 30 respectivelly…

You have the focuser set to “reversed”. You need to uncheck this box:

Thank you,

That was it! Now I just need to redo the wiring of the focuser motor so that “Out” is out and “IN” is in…


Thanks Jared!