Focus controler with half-step mode

I use a pierro-astro focus controler with a heavy motor.

Autofocus is working like a charm with SGP, but the focus control (goto) is counter intuitive.
As i use the half-step option in the ascom driver to get the maximum motor torque, the goto focus control in SGP and absolute reading is not on the same scale…

To be more clear:
starting at position 0
if i ask a goto to 300 (the motor rotate)
The subsequent absolute position read from ascom is 600.

So if i want to go the absolute position 900 for there i need to enter
600+(300/2)=750 to go to the absolute position 900 !!!

Quite confusing…
So for now, i manage the approximative focus proc with an external program
Then i switch to SGP and i divide all value in autofocus settings by 2
and run the autofocus proc in SGP

Yes it work, but i would love to use the focus controler of SGP instead of finefocus.

You need to get your broken ascom driver working.