Focus info in file naming

Just a feature request: ability to include the current focuser position and temp (as reported by the focuser or TEMPerHUM) in the file naming.

I’m looking over some old data where I lost some subs due to poor focus. Just thought it would be interesting to see at a glance the focuser position over the night, and better configure my setup. The FITS header has FOCPOS and FOCTEMP, but currently only keeping the CR2 files.

Implemented in 2.4.3

%fp = Focuser position (inserted as fpos_NNNN)
%am = Ambient temperature (inserted as amb_##.#C)

…and you thought my file names were long before! Thanks for implementing!

Which reminds me… we don’t have any specific exception handling for violations of MAX_PATH. We should probably add those in the near future.