Focus on <Filter>/Emergency STOP!

I recently added a Rigel focuser to my setup and had good success on my initial testing. For my imaging session last night, I created a new sequence based on the same equipment profile. What I didn’t realize was that the focus positions for each filter were not saved in my equipment profile – they were saved with my previous sequence.

I slewed to my target changed filters, and clicked the button to “Focus for Ha” only to realize that the focuser was now moving all the way back to zero! Thus my feature requests.

  1. Would it be possible to add a warning dialog if the focus point is zero, so the user has a chance to cancel the focus action if a position has not been set? I suppose there could be a situation where someone had their focus position set to zero, so maybe give them the option to ignore that warning.

  2. Once the focuser started moving, and I realized my mistake, there wasn’t any way to stop it! The mount has an emergency stop, so it would be nice if the focuser also gave you the capability to do an emergency stop in case something goes wrong.


I guess I don’t fully understand the issue… maybe you can clarify.

  • When you click “Focus for Filter”, you are presented with a dialog box that looks like this:

Meaning set the focuser to position 0. No will cancel the operation.

  • To stop the focuser from the control panel, click “Stop” on the focus tab.

  • And you can also stop from the focus module:

Rigel doesn’t support the ‘stop’ command. The solution is to not have a filter with a focus of ‘0’. Also, you can set in the ASCOM driver a ‘limit’ for how far it will travel. I have mine set for about 2000 steps.

Thanks mads0100. Looking at the screenshots above, I did find the stop button, but as you said, it’s grayed out (so light you can hardly see it actually!). Thanks for the response.

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No problem, I’m sure if we asked they’d add the command for us. I just found that limiting my steps fixed a multitude of problems :laughing: