Focus readout mismatch SGPro & DSD Auto Focuser

I replaced my Auto Focuser with a DSD AF3. However, after setting my parameters with the DSD AF3 and my telescope, I then set up my auto focus routine in SGPro and connected the DSD AF3. The readings from the DSD AF3 windows programme and the SGPro readings are completely different. I then checked the readings in MaximDL & Voyager and the readings mirror the DSD AF3.

SGPro Focal Readout

It is conspicuous that the current values in the DSD AF23 Control Panel and the SGP Focus Control add to 100000. Probably you will have to enable option ‘Reverse focuser direction’ in section ‘Focus Options’ of SGP’s Control Panel, tab ‘Focus’.


I think @bulrichl is correct here. The sum of the actual position and the reported position in SGPro is exactly 120,000. Is that, by chance, the total range of the controller? If you already have “reverse” selected in the control panel, unselect and, if you don’t please do so.

Something strange happened last night. I decided, even with the incorrect focus setting to set up my Focus offsets for my filters. Connected the DSD AF3 - focus position 87716. Ran the autofocus routine and the setting reverted to the correct numerical figures. I had not reset thr motor settings or altered any of the focus settings. Ran all my routines with no issues and the focus readings were normal. Shut down & restarted SGPro and the DSD AF3 focus settings were correct.
Love how this hobby can side swipe you now and again. Thank you all with your positive input.

Kind regards


Are you saying it’s working now and that’s what is strange? Or is the “strange” thing a problem I didn’t pick up on?

Hi Eric,

Yes it’s working fine now.