Focus setting not saved

When I select the option to autofocus on resume, and save the SGP file, it works correctly. When I reopen the SGP file for my next session, the focus on resume button is not checked. Any thoughts?


No, sorry. I did check that that option saves as expected in 4.1. What version are you using_

I am using

Im sorry, I just don’t know. I tried this with version 4.0 also and did not have any issue. Not sure what to make of it.

I set the autofocus to focus on resume last night. It correctly focused on resume, but at the end of the run, I noticed that the box was unchecked again. I am in the process of determining my temperature compensation, so I am focusing before every sub. Could that cause SGP to overwrite the focus on resume selection? Also, my SGF file is 15MB. Is that normal? I am not aware of saving any images in the sgf file.


Not intentionally, but I’ll see if we might somehow be adjusting focus setting automatically (though I have no idea what use case would warrant this)

It’s hard to say without seeing it. If you want to share it via dropbox or similar we’ll take a look.