Focus settings - another strange one ..

I know about the nebulosity rejection defaulting to strong. Tonight I manually autofocused before starting the sequence. Although the AF settings did not have AF on sequence start enabled, it immediately started an AF run when I started the sequence. Aborted, checked all the settings and it still did it. I shouldn’t be a temperature trigger, since the manual AF run and the sequence run were done one after the other. I don’t know if it is a issue. The sequence itself was generated in an earlier version BTW.

The AF routine which I didn’t ask for has just stopped - but it was not part of a sequence, since it did not auto-close. I had to close it manually and then hit run sequence again, and it worked just fine. I’ll store the log file and put it up in a dropbox. It certainly looks like it got confused.


Weird. I usually let it do that anyway since I often set up a while before start time but that is odd. Kinda sounds like the same general cause as whatever is causing the nebulosity setting to “max”.

This is the dropbox link:

issue started around 19:23

The log file you posted ends before the sequence would have decided to auto focus or not… I see your “manual” auto focus, but that’s it.

Ken - I will post the full log when I get home… now I come to think about it, I do not think this issue is specific to I remember I have seen something similar before when I will get a repeat AF routine, one after the other, possibly after you introduced focus temperature smoothing?