Focus starting point for OSC

I’ve been used a mono camera with filter wheel for some time. I was able to put in focus positions for the various filters.

I’m now using an OSC w/out a filter or wheel. Where can I put a starting focus position, once I’ve determined it?

You wont need to and there isn’t anywhere to do that as far as I’m aware.
Once you focus with a Bahtinof mask and have good focus, you should be able to use auto focus for the rest of the night.
When you use it again next, the focuser will be in the position you left it, and most of the time it is good enough to get auto focus running well from there or use frame and focus to jog the focuser a bit until the stars are as small as you can get them, then run auto focus from there.
I have made the assumption that this is a permanant set up. If not, and you stow your gear every time, take note of how far out your focuser tube is and start there next time if using exactly all the same gear.
Cheers and clears!

Sadly this was an oversight when we created this. Maybe adding this to the "No Filter" Flats Data might be the right spot.


That would be nice!
Thanks, George