Focus temperature not updating

I noticed last night that the sequence ran a long time without refocusing. When I looked at the image history the reported ambient temperature stayed on 21 degC exactly for the entire sequence (18 x 5 min subs). I wasn’t too fussed at the time as the HFR trend was steady however at the end of the sequence I manually ran the autofocus and found the focus point had shifted in 14 steps. I assume the ambient temperature had stopped updating - is this likely to be a focuser driver issue or an SGP bug? I can get around this by putting another refocus trigger in the sequence however it would be nice to know this bit is working as intended. Can someone point me to what to look for in the SGP logfile?



We can take it a look, but it’s pretty unlikely that it is an issue with SGPro. We don’t cache or store the temperature anywhere…  We just ask the focuser for it.

OK - thanks Ken. I’ll follow up with Dave T then. Just out of interest how do I upload an SGP logfile on this forum?


You can’t. You will need to use a free cloud service like Dropbox. Really you can… But we limit post file attachments to 3mb.