Focuser disappears after 1st event is finished - Version 2.4.2.x through 2.4.3.x

Desktop running Windows 7, RigelSys nFocus, SGPro, and PinPoint. This setup has been running without issues since June 2014.

When running 2.4.2.x ~ my RigelSys nFOCUS “is not available and disappeared”. This error has occurred as far back as, I though it was my hardware the first few times. I ran versions;, and the past few weeks. Each time the error occurred, it was after the 2nd filter change and right before focusing during a sequence run.

How I tested:
On my last two imaging secession, I had to uninstall (three weeks ago) and (last week), and install so that I could continue imaging. Last night I installed to get the log for sending, which the error occur after the 2nd filter run.

BTW, I notice that the focuser temperature is not displaying on the Focus module (showing “NA”) but it is showing up in the ASCOM panel that runs in the background. I made sure to make a note of it during last night testing with I know that the tempature was showing up at one point however, I cannot truly say which version it was. (92.9 KB)