FocusLynx or Focus Boss settings for EdgeHD SCT

I recently upgraded to an Optec FocusLynx focuser for my EdgeHD 11 with a Feathertouch focuser for the primary mirror. I use to have a Starizona MicroTouch and it worked OK with SGP, however the settings I used for the MicroTouch do not work with the FocusLynx. The step size is very different between the two focusers and I haven’t had any success trying to translate the setting over tot he FocusLynx. After spending several hours trying to figure out the last time I was setup I finally gave up and went back to manual focusing using the Bhatinov mask.

I plan on trying again to get the FocusLynx to work with SGP the next clear night I get. In preparation for my second attempt I thought I would check here to see if anyone is using an FocusLynx or a Focus Boss II (which I understand to be very similar) on an EdgeHD 11 or similar size SCT and if they would be willing to share their settings. If anyone here has a similar setup and would be willing to post there focuser settings it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Andrew J.

I do not have the information you want, but have you tried this tutorial?

I was able to set up my Focus Boss 2 perfectly using the described technique.

Good luck!


yes, I have read through those instructions, in fact those were what I was planning on using as guide for my second attempt. However, I thought it would be helpful to get the step size, backlash comp., etc. from others to use as a starting point.

Thanks for the pointer.

Andrew J