Format of target data

The manual shows targets that are described only by their official names - eg M42, with no other info apparently required. This implies that SGM includes a database of targets+RA+dec. Is that correct or not? The reason for my needing to know is that I am trying to import observing lists from SkySafariPro-4 and these currently exclude RA/dec info.
There is also the implication that a comet or asteroid list would only require a title i.d. This can’t be the case so can someone clarify what targets are recognised and what are not. Or please point me to the page in the maual that I might have not noticed.



Targets can be named whatever you like. There is no tie to the actual object.

We likely cannot support import from SkySafari 4 if it doesn’t include the RA/Dec. SGP does not have a catalog. The closest thing is the framing and mosaic wizard which uses an online catalog.


Thanks for the reply but it raises the obvious query: how does SGP tell the scope where to move if the sequence merely says M42. That was what I was asking: given the examples show the targets by only their well-known names (eg M42 - see the example shown) how does SGP know where to tell the scope to move?

Lawrence, i think it takes the RA/DEC from the event and passes it via ASCOM to your mount. It doesn’t know that it’s M42.

Every time my mount moved it say ‘GOTO PC object’.


This data is all kept under the target’s settings. I highly recommend you read this tutorial by Alex (it covers all this stuff and will make life a lot easier):