Forum Rules

I’m glad that for the most part this forum is a friendly and informative place to seek assistance and receive encouragement about this challenging hobby. “Challenging” is an operative word…even very seasoned astrophotographers run into problems on a regular basis and it can be frustrating at times. We’ve all been there.

With that in mind, I’d like to take a moment to remind us all of the forum rules:

  • Be polite - Especially when you are ready to throw your fist through a wall because you dropped that counterweight on your big toe, SGP crashed, or general nuclear holocaust has ruined another night of imaging.

  • Stay on topic (try not to hijack a thread) - Especially when your problem is similar but not quite the same and yet you feel the need to post 14 logs and bog down the thread. (I confess, I’ve done this WAY too much myself). Start a new thread.

  • Avoid politics, religion and the business philosophy of Main Sequence Software - If you really feel you’re not getting enough politics right now, there are many other avenues to satisfy that longing. The other 99.99% of us will appreciate you seeking that fulfillment elsewhere.

  • Have fun - That’s really what this hobby should be about. If anything, especially SGP in this case, is frustrating you to the point you feel the need to spout off at the devs or the many friendly folks here who spend hours trying to help others out…it’s time to take a break, count to 10, and see what constructive words you could use instead.