Frame and Focus Too Slown

Frame and focus has slowed to point of being no longer usable. Dont know why. Maybe, windows update, maybe some other update. All I know is it happened a couple weeks ago, i looked at the log, and saw Pegasus Unity Driver mentioned. I uninstalled and reinstalled Unity driver. Problem solved. Several good imaging nights then out of the blue it started happening again.

Driver reinstalls, reboots, etc, etc, nothing seems to fix it.

The sequencing works but fram and focus does not.

Nina works fine…

What version of SGPro are you using? Are you using the Image History option? If so, are you attempting to gather metrics on eccentricity or possibly very processor intensive HFR measurements?

You can find these settings in the SGPro Options dialog here:



I was able to check out the settings tonight per your guidance.

Problem solved!! Frame and Focus is behaving normally again!

Problem appears to be that Image analysis precision was set to ultra precise.

I set it to Auto.

I have no idea how it got set to ultra precise. I do not recall even knowing about that setting.



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