Frame drawing Mosaics and subframes

I am not optimistic, but can anyone tell me why my laptop, Dell Inspiron 7000, I7 , 64 bit, Win 8.1 would cause the box being drawn in Framing and Mosaic and when doing subframes in Frame and Focus to be displaced off the cursor left and up about 1.5" in each direction?

Native screen res is 1920X1080.
I can move the box after drawing, but the size is hit or miss as it is not over the target and I have to swag it every time.
Running the latest Beta .2772, although it has happened in every version.

Thank you


Not sure if this is related or not… But do you have windows font scaling turned on?

Apparently it was set to the default of 125%
I set it to 100%, things are quite a bit smaller but it fixed my issues

Maybe I can set it for just certain apps, will investigate

Thank you, I thought it might be something like this but had no idea where to start


Well, thanks for testing that. You should not have to do that so I’ll file this one under bugs. Thanks for the report.