Frame & Focus Save images to Disk

There are many astronomy programs that work by looking for image files in a directory as they are captured. Gold Mask and CCD Inspector are examples. It is possible to kludge a sequence to download and save images to a directory but is a real pain to do so. You have to create a dummy target or event and be careful to separate the images from the normal sequence images and you have to enable/disable various parts of the sequence to control it. Using a separate sequence is a real pain because of camera connection and cooling issues.

It would be a great feature if Frame & Focus could optionally save images sequentially numbered to a separate directory that could be a target directory for such programs. SGP is already downloading the images from the camera and has code to save images to disk so a small extension to the UI would do the trick. An ancillary option would be a button to delete the files in the target directory and reset the file sequence numbers to restart at one. The idea being that these are temporary files for short term use.

  • 1 I like this feature
  • 1 from me also. I use GoldFocus to fine tune my offsets for my filters and have to do the dummy sequence routine to get the frames. This would make things a lot nicer and can be done while I’m set up for my current sequence while waiting to get dark enough to image.

Frank Z…

+1 for me too! I now prefer to go back to SkyX and use their image capture so that it can save the images (usually when I am testing something). Would love to stay in SGP instead.

Oops I see that this feature is now in the current Beta version! That’s great!