Frame not downloading until sequence loaded in background

Does anyone experience that frames are not downloading (particularly “frame and focus” ones) while the sequence is still loading in the “background”?
Normally I open SGP, connect everything, and start some rough focusing sequence
Since one of the recent updates, the frames dont get downloaded until the “background” sequence loading task is completed, actually the two bars fill up in “parallel”. Since sometimes it take 2-3 min to load the sequence, need to wait 2-3 min to get the first frame
Not big deal, but wondering why the two things need to be linked.


No, I am not able to reproduce this. I am running a test by loading a very large sequence about 50 targets) then starting frame and focus. No delays are observed. Maybe there is something in the logs that shows what is happening.

More information here How to Submit Logs in SGPro - SGPro Support - Main Sequence Software

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