Framing and Mosaic sequence execution

Once a sequence is created and starts running is each panel plate solved to move the mount to the next target? Or?

And if PHD2 is running does it automatically select a new star to guide on after the mount moves?(if needed)


I can answer the first. When the M/F wizard makes a sequence by default it will turn on “Center Target” for each target frame in the sequence. You can see this by clicking on the “gears” icon of a target. The “Center On” will be checked and that will cause SGP to do the slew and center routine for that target. This is not copied when you copy the settings of one target to another.

I don’t use PHD2 so I"m unable to help you with that.

Thank you Mick

Yes to both questions. Mick has already explained the first part. Regarding PHD, as long as you have chosen PHD as your guide interface in the control panel PHD will pause guiding for appropriate operations (based on your settings) and will automatically choose a guide star and begin guiding after a plate solve and center on target.

Thanks Joel, thank you both.