Framing and Mosaic Wizard - ability to cancel Fetch

This has bitten me a few times. Sometimes I make a mistake entering the FoV value, like entering 25 when I meant to enter 2.5. This causes SGP to go off and start downloading a 25 degree tile! AFAICT the only way to stop it is to exit SGP. It would be great if the F&M Wiz gave me the opportunity to cancel the download without having to exit SGP to do so.


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We believe in being responsible for your mistakes… if you enter 28 degrees, you will wait and you will suffer!!

Hmm, maybe that’s a little too hard line, maybe just changing fetch to an abort button? Fine, whatever… seems reasonable.

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Well, I actually need larger tiles, like 44 degrees or more but no matter how long I wait, it never gets downloaded. I have a widefield setup and would love to see 50-60 degree tiles to improve my framing.

Here are some recent shots I’ve done with this setup

I’ve never been able to download a tile larger than12-16 degrees.

OK. We can take a look at improving it or worst case, at least documenting limitations.

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Thank you Ken.