Framing and mosaic wizard failing

I am having issues tonight where I’m trying to start up the framing and mosaic wizard and it fails to find what I’m putting in. I have the latest edition and all the specs are put in like I always do but it still fails.

Anybody else experiencing this?

I just downloaded the beta released this evening but still no success.

Changes discussed above are in

Hey Ken thanks for the response and your hard work. I didn’t install the newest beta yet but I did install the one before. It seemed a little buggy so I went back to the version released February 2019. I was able to get everything up and running and imaging through the night with the correct equipment profile, but lost my user profiles (locations) no big deal since plate solve 2 helps. Anyways I woke up this morning before work to take my flats and all the equipment profiles disappeared off the list when going to the flats wizard. Looked on my equipment profile list and yep they were gone. I had to make a new profile for what I was using that night so I could run the flats wizard. I won’t be near my computer until I finish work today, so I’m wondering if that’s happened to anyone before and if there’s a way to look into the computer and find those profiles to recover?

Just strange because it knew all the profiles and successfully imaged with a profile last night but then disappeared when I went to do the flats wizard.

Any thoughts?

Version 3.1 uses a new format to save profiles. If you go back to 3.0, you need to restore them manually (we back them up). Go in to your profiles directory and find all the profiles ending with the extension “bak”. Remove those extensions and you’re back to where you started. Note that you will need to delete the new 3.1 profiles that occupy the same name first.

Ok yeah I went from the first beta before last night’s fix back to the one released in February. Will switching to 3.1 bring it all back? If not how do I find these profiles and put them back in? Might have to explain it like I’m 5 with colors and pictures :rofl:.

Thank you for responding and taking the time to help

Next time you go back to 3.1, SGPro will re-perform the data migration. You can find the location of your profiles by going to “Help” -> “Open Log Folder”, then double click on the folder named “Sequence Generator Pro”. Your profiles are in this directory. This assumes that you have not customized the location of profiles to another directory.

Ok awesome! If you don’t hear back from me in 24 hours then all is well :grin: