Framing and Mosaic wizard is broken?

When I enter an object and click fetch after a long waiting period I get an error dialogue box with an OK box to click. What’s going on?

Same here.
I tried with my PC and my notebook and using different wifi conections.
Just “error”

There was an earlier post today that said the website that downloads the images was down.

I’m seeing the same issue with

Interestingly,I’m also seeing issues with CCD Navigator when it tries to download from NASA Skyview. I wonder if there is a problem with whatever backend is used to download the images?

another thread with same issue. Posting a link.

Hello ,
I have exactly the same problem , I hope , it will be fix soon !

I am rather concerned by the lack of response from the developers on this… Is it fixable? Are they aware of it? … I would have at least expected an acknowledgement of the problem.

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I invited one of the devs over to the other thread on this issue. Hopefully they are working on a solution or a workaround if the remote sites are the issue and not easily fixed.

I am getting the same thing. Just an error dialogue box with an OK box to click. I first noticed this a couple of days ago. Hope it gets fixed soon.


I’m also getting this, After about 6 months of no imaging. how frustrating…


SGP will need to fix this.

If you click on the URL in the example above you get the image displayed in your browser. That shows that there is no problem with the image sever.

I’m also getting this with previously saved images, either the error box or SGP stops working, and a re load is needed.


Same thing here.

Apparently the server admin made some changes in the way to access the server. Therefore SGP can no longer communicate with it.

I hope this will be fixed soon.

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Hey folks… Just unfortunate timing right now. We are both out of pocket, but we are aware there is an issue. I will try to figure out what is going on tomorrow or the next day.

When things that were once working between two systems suddenly break, it typically means that the assumed contract between them has been broken.

More soon.

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Sorry all. I’ve been remote for the last week with very rare internet access. I should be able to take a look on Sunday.


I’ve checked the log and there was an error while establishing SSL/TLS connection. Maybe NASA’s root CA certification is not configured in program?

This issue has been resolved. I will release a patched SGPro this evening (U.S. Central time). ~6 hrs from now. The issue appears to be from an upgrade on the SkyView side where security protocols underwent an upgrade to TLS 1.2 (maybe new servers… they seem faster).

Thanks Ken! Works great again.