Framing and Mosaic Wizard Issue

New laptop woes again. I get a strange message when I use the Framing and Mosaic Wizard. This occurs after I ask the Wizard to find an object (by typing ‘M42’ into the top window, for example). I get something called an ‘ImageViewer Error’:

Here is the log that produced that error:

Any thoughts?

Hmm. So first off, it is bad error handling on SGPro’s part. Bad in the sense that your machine did not appear to be internet connected when you did this. Every single http call failed, SIMBAD, primary canvas fetch and backup canvas fetch all fail. When we added the ability to cancel this fetch, it looks like we did not propagate failures properly and that the MFW is trying to operate on a non-existent image. We can fix that part… not sure about the connectivity failure.

Odd. My machine was connected to the Internet. And, when I got that error box, I clicked on ‘OK’ and the image of the object (which I assume comes from SIMBAD) then appeared normally.

The Framing and Mosaic Wizard worked normally apart from this error message.

You are right. I misread the logs (thrown off by the first failure to resolve “double cluster”). So… that means I am not really sure what happened, but I have added some additional code to trace it in the future.