Framing and Mosaic Wizard Tile Scaling

I just started to use the wizard and the tile scaling does not appear correct. I must be doing something wrong. The camera data was automatically populated and is correct. I purposely set the overlap to zero to see the full camera FOV as a tile and drew an arbitrary rectangle. Each tile that was calculated appears to be half size. It should be about 32’ horizontally but appears to be half that. I have attached a pic of the screen showing the problem. Can someone set me straight?


Not sure what you mean here. This all looks approximately correct to me. Your canvas is 2 degrees across or 7200". Each camera frame occupies 1947" horizontally (or ~27%) for the canvas width… So you should be able to fit 3 tiles across with enough left over on the edges to almost fit a 4th. That looks pretty close to the image you posted.

Hi Ken,

Thanks for responding. You’re quite right; (more than) a little cockpit error here. Sorry to waste your time.