Framing fail

astap solves and syncs. ic1396 or any target that’s not loaded dead center of the framing wizard wont correctly be framed. avx, cpwi… It will slew,solve,and image… but nowhere near where the frame was drawn. after the initial solve with astap, the wizard will reorient the picture and everything. but no joy… it thinks its in the right place and carries on… for instance… wizard nebula, if I use the sh2 number… dead center… if I use the ngc, then draw a box around it… no joy

Aprox time of issue:

Link to Logs

Useful Info

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home
.NET: 4.8

I can confirm that the celestron unified driver does the same thing as well. Double checked my pixel scale. looked over the settings. made sure that center on the target was checked… No joy. Moved back over to apt… All good there. I wonder if I’m just missing something simple…

After watching videos all night I noticed when framing… if I right click and choose the center here option. The target moves the wrong way and almost leaves the mosiac screen. Went back and rechecked everything I could find. Think you got a bug as other capture software solves targets, frames them, and images them correctly. Thanks for reading. Good luck!

There is a known issue with Center Here and some optic layouts but Center Here and Auto Center are different in terms of how they work. From what I can tell it looks like Auto Center ran and got you extremely close to the coordinates that were set in your target.

It may be worth creating a new sequence and creating a new target. From what I can see in the logs everything worked as it should have.


Thanks. Yes it did exactly what it thought it was supposed to do. The problem lies in the fact that it did not frame the elephant trunk as the box was drawn around it. It never actually could hit the target whatsoever. I too looked over the logs and found nothing (learned a few things though). I installed sgp on a faster machine and imaged ic1396A last night with no problems. What I need to do now is test it by fetching ic1396 (No A) then draw a box around the trunk and see if it does the same thing.