Framing & Mosaic wizard and minor changes in F.O.V

A quick question if I may:
I have used the Framing & Mosaic wizard to make a sequence and did so with a profile using the Canon 1100D
This camera gives a FOV of 2.41x1.61. (4272x2848@5.2um)
I also have a Canon 600D on order which gives a FOV of 2.44x1.63 (5184x3456@4.3um)
So my question is: with a different FOV of 0.03x0.02, if I use the 600d in a sequence generated using the 1100D profile will the plate solve work when I hit “centre now” or will I need to make a new profile for the 600D and re-do my Framing and Mosaic wizard sequences with the 600D ??

For single frames and small mosaics you can certainly get by with the same profile as the difference between the two is pretty close. However if you do larger mosaics then you’ll have less overlap between the images and I would recommend creating a new profile. “Larger mosaics” being bigger than 2x2.


Thanks Jared
Most are single frame so hopefully will be fine.
Thanks for the swift reply.