Framing Mosaic Wizard Sequencing

I’m not sure if something like this has been added to V3 but is there a way of changing the numbering system when creating mosaics. Although panels can be manually changed it is an INCREDIBLY time consuming process when working with 50+ panels.

Right now I am trying to make a 50 panel mosaic from Crux to Carina. Doesn’t matter if I have the camera orientation at 90º or 270º, the numbering system always starts with Frame 1 in Crux but it needs to be in Carina. I’ve attempted moving every frame and reorganising from 50 to 1 but it sometimes crashes or causes a couple of frames to go screwy.

When working with small mosaics of less than 10 images none of this really matters but as someone that has done some 80-200 panel mosaics covering 40º FOV areas, a little more flexibility with the Framing and Mosaic Wizard would be most helpful. Even just being able to load in mosaics from TheSkyX would be very helpful!

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