Framing Wizard

Hi all
I used the framing and mosaic wizard for the first time, but unfortunately, it wouldn’t fetch an image. I tried several different and simple objects, typing in M1, M33 etc. My PC is connected to the internet, but not to any astro equipment. I wondered if the servers were down, but a friend checked and he can get an image. Any thoughts?

I have upgraded to version and am on a Win7 Pro OS. Interestingly when I checked for updates through the help menu, nothing happened and I had to install the updated SGP manually


HI Adrian,

I believe you need to upgrade to There is an issue with the fetch in It has something to do with a server change/upgrade where the images are being fetched from. I beleive the link got broke so the folks at SGPro needed to update the link and .94 should be the one to use and it should work.


Hi Mark
I thought I had the latest version, but you are right, I updated to and both the fetch images and search for updates are both fixed, many thanks