Full FITS Header in Focus Files

I am using the SGP Autofocus feature. When I check the download files box, each focus image file downloads, but the files just have basic FITS header information. Is there a way to include the full FITS information like focuser position and temp in the saved files for focus analysis? I am using SGP (BETA) 64-bit.

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You don’t need to download the focus frames and evaluate data from (currently not existing) FITS headers of focus frames. The data you are looking for are in the SGP logfiles and there is a possibility that is much more comfortable:

SGP user mikaelA has made a very useful utility for the evaluation of SGP logfiles for this purpose: SGP AutoFocus Viewer: see SGP AutoFocus LogViewer and SGP AF Logviewer v1.2 Release. It is intended e.g. for calculating the correlation coefficient that is needed for applying focuser temperature compensation.

The download website is here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/sgp-autofocus-logviewer/ . The current version is v1.24.


Thanks, I already use that it. It is great for filter offsets and temperature calibration. I want to use the files with ASTAP Focus analysis. It is a great feature of that program where you start out of focus then take images through focus and out again. It curve fits each part of the image and gives you information about tilt and curvature. It would be nice to just use the automation of a focus run to get the files to feed into ASTAP. However, it needs the focus position in the FITS header. I can do Frame and Focus to manually get the files, but just wanted to make the process easier. I can store the focus image files, but why doesn’t it write the data to the FITS header? It wouldn’t take much space. Just wondering if there is a setting to get it write it?

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OK, I guess your question can only be answered by the developers of SGP.


Not at this time. Those Auto Focus files were primarily created so that we could analyze them later and the save doesn’t gather all of the fits headers that a normal sequence image would.


Thanks Jared. I guess it would be a nice feature to have in the future backlog…at least for me!

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The Analyser looks good, I didn’t know about that but will give it a try. I was going to post a similar request which I would still find useful.

I cant find any information about using the Analyser, is there anything that would help me know how to use the information provided to set up offsets?

Could you consider including the name of the filter used in the file names in the Autofocus files so that its instantly recognisable?