Funny Scope Message

I am using SGP along with a Mesu 200. Things have generally been working well. However, I now get this message:

Please note that I do now have an equipment profile attached to the sequence, yet it does the same thing.

If my scope is parked, then when I click ‘Yes’ nothing will happen. If I unpark the scope and click ‘Yes’ then the scope will slew and the sequence will start. I’d rather not have this dialogue box come up - it didn’t use to.

This should be a link to a logfile:

Any suggestions?

The SGPro side of the story seems OK:

[03/20/17 20:25:09.900][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Sending unpark command in DoEventGroupChange…
[03/20/17 20:25:09.901][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] ASCOM Telescope: Unpark message received.
[03/20/17 20:25:09.903][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] ASCOM Telescope: Start tracking
[03/20/17 20:25:09.909][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Unpark complete.

I would recommend grabbing the mount’s logs and seeing what happened when SGPro requested the unpark…