FW USB issue caused Unhandled Exception that did not abort sequence

SGP on Win 10 Home

Last night, a USB issue bombed my SX Filter Wheel…FW because disconnected/USB puked/something.

I realize that’s a hardware/usb/me issue, not SGP…but SGP didn’t handle the exception, resulting in me waking up this morning to several hundred of these :

and SGP still running in the background, saying “Setting filter OIII” in the status bar. The lack of session abort meant, of course, that roof was still open, mount still tracking, etc.

Pertinent portion of log is here : https://pastebin.com/raw/u5shX2xD. I can share full log in Slack if needed.

Again…I recognize the FW issue is on me to resolve…would prefer SGP handled the issue more gracefully however, and aborted the sequence w/ End of Sequence Options.

Just guessing but it appears that these error messages may have been reported directly by the ASCOM driver and not reported back to SGP. If so, SGP was blissfully unaware of the error, however, it would have be appropriate for SGP to timeout the operation.

Given that there are several hundred of

[12/11/18 05:02:16.408][DEBUG] [Unknown] Caught exception while getting filter wheel position. FW is expecting to be MOVING! Returning (-1) : CheckDotNetExceptions ASCOM.StarlightXpress.FilterWheel Position Get System.IO.IOException: The device is not connected.

in the SGP log, I think it’s safe to say SGP was “aware”. :slight_smile: