Gain and offset by filter

another weird question…can you set gain and offset per filter.
For example, I will always shoot gain 0 offset 30 with LRGB, and I will always shoot gain 100 offset 50 with narrow band.
I would like to set it and forget it.

Not at the moment, but it’s a reasonable idea. I suppose lots of folks need adjust this per-filter… especially NB. Currently, the hierarchical scope of gain and offset from within SGPro (in order of precedence):

  • As set in the Event
  • As set for binning mode
  • As set on the camera (usually in ASCOM settings)

I have built two sequences, one for LRGB, and one for NB with the gain offset fixed.
And then last night I was in the LRGB sequence and inadvertently shot some Ha that ended up looking poor because it used the LRGB gain/offset. I forgot to switch to NB sequence for the gain/offset. Sort of defeated my purpose. I realize it may be needlessly complex but the more I can set and forget the better my results will be. thanks

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+1 for this