Gemini 2 connection issues

I have just downloaded SGPro and find that it will not connect to my Gemini 2 mount controller on the Losmandy G11.

I have updated the firmware in the Gemini and handset,
downloaded the latest Gemini driver and ASCOM platform.
When I go to select the connection type in the Gemini driver control window I only have an Ethernet option and no choice of COM ports for USB connection. Strangely enough the ethernet connection works as I can drive the telescope from the Ethernet accessible webpages in the Gemini 2. BUt try as I might I cannot connect the SGPro with the Gemini 2.

Can anyone help me please?


Can you control the scope just using the ASCOM driver stand alone? It sounds like the ASCOM driver is not connecting to your scope for some reason.

I have a Gemini 1 and I know 2 of our moderators have Gemini 2 which are working fine. I would launch the Gemini ASCOM driver stand alone, connect to the mount and verify functionality. Then connect SGP to the (now running) Gemini ASCOM driver.

This is how I run things on my Gemini 1. The ASCOM driver always stays connected to the mount and I can open/close SGP and other applications as needed without worrying about the connection disconnecting because the creating application closed.


I’m using a G11 G2 with SGP with no connection issues. Like Jared, what I always do is open the ascom interface (Ascom.GeminiTelescope.exe) first and connect to the mount. Then connect SGP and PHD. Unless I’m mistaken, you won’t see a COM port connection type unless one is active, but you shouldn’t be using the COM port anyway. Use the ethernet connection, it is much better and more reliable (at least if you can get it connected!). Obviously if you can see the web browser Gemini interface you are successfully connecting the computer to the Gemini computer.

Connect to ascom first, then try SGP an tell us how it goes.

Ditto @joelshort. I also have G11 with no connection issues. Working perfectly. Also using Ethernet. USB often has connection issues unless you have a really good USB hub and good cable with repeaters if your distance is greater than 15’.